Barbara Bush Middle School

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Barbara Bush Middle School

Address: 515 Cowboys Parkway

Irving, TX 75063

Phone: (972) 968-3700

Fax: (972) 968-3710

Website: Barbara Bush Middle School

About: The middle school years are unique and special. Emotionally and educationally, students are “in the middle.” The middle school years should “bridge the gap” between the elementary years of structure and close supervision, and the high school years of intense study and demands of preparing for adulthood.

For this reason, the academic program at Barbara Bush Middle School incorporates a variety of unique strategies and techniques aimed at addressing the needs of the middle school child. A few of these strategies include the following: schoolwide discipline plan, antibullying campaign, a wide selection of elective offerings, after school opportunities for extracurricular and club activities, and school wide standardized dress.