Las Colinas Flower Clock

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Las Colinas Flower Clock

State Highway 114 and O'Connor Boulevard
Irving, TX 75039


Inspired by the outdoor floral clocks in the magnificent gardens of Europe, the flower clock was conceived by Ben H. Carpenter for whom the Ben Carpenter Statue was erected in Founders Park. Planning and construction for the flower clock began in 1981.

The clock measures 37 feet diagonally. The berm, constructed from 15,000 cubic yards of earthen materials is inclined at a 27-degree slope for legibility at both near and far distances. The shrubs and steel edging that outline each segment of the clock feature 525 Dwarf Yaupon Hollies, 140 Dwarf Burford Hollies and 608 feet of steel edging. Flowers planted beneath the colossal hands of the clock (the minute hand measures 12 feet from end to end) must be of a miniature variety, as must the greenery which comprises the inner star, since there are only 14 inches of clearance between the face and hands. The flowers are changed four times a year to provide a constant array of color.