Redeemer Montessori School

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Address: 2700 Warren Circle

Irving, TX 75062

Phone: (972) 257-3517

Website: Redeemer Montessori School

Grades: PK-3

About: RMS was founded in 1978 with an enrollment of five children. The school now operates at a capacity with 130 students and 18 staff members, and incorporates a progressive academic program for children ages 2-1/2 to 10 years. RMS is an affiliate with the American Montessori Society, and the teachers are Montessori certified. The governing body of the school is the church vestry. The daily operation of the school is the responsibility of the director, Jennifer Davey.

  • Preprimary Program (ages 2-1/2 to 6)
The basic areas of experience in a preprimary classroom are practical life, sensorial, math, language and cultural. Children work at their own pace with self-correcting materials.
These didactic materials progress incrementally in difficulty, move from the concrete to the abstract and function as additional teachers in the classroom. The children choose, with guidance which works they will do. This “freedom within limits” fosters independence and responsibility. Respect for self, others and the environment is a guiding principle in the Montessori environment. Social development is encouraged by allowing children to interact spontaneously while respecting the rights of others.
In the multi-aged classroom the young child looks to the older child for guidance, both socially and in the academic arena, which in turn gives the older child a high level of self-esteem and a sense of responsibility.
  • Elementary Program (ages 6 to 12)
Students build upon skills and concepts introduced in the Preprimary program. The concrete materials enable the children to continue work at their own pace in an environment that nurtures a love of learning. The Montessori elementary curriculum provides unlimited opportunities for exploration of interdependent study areas, including mathematics, geometry, grammar, reading, history, geography, earth science, zoology, botany, art, science and music. Elementary students are not only oriented toward intellectual investigation and discovery but also toward the building of community. Through constructive group activities, students learn to solve conflicts peacefully and gain valuable interpersonal skills. Self-actualization blossoms and understanding deepens as students are afforded the opportunity to learn in a multi-aged grouping.